Exploring the investment landscape in Latin America

As the world economy continues to evolve, Latin America emerges as a promising region for investors seeking diverse and lucrative opportunities. Among the myriad of investment options, the hospitality sector stands out, particularly with the unique offerings from the Amarla Hospitality Group.

Founded in 2018 by visionaries Asher Montague and Robin Faulkner, Amarla has carved a niche in the boutique hospitality market, creating luxurious and culturally immersive experiences in Panama and Colombia.

Asher Montague and Robin Faulkner

Why invest in Latin America?

1) Economic growth and stability

Latin America has shown substantial economic resilience and growth potential. Countries like Panama and Colombia have made significant strides in economic reforms, infrastructure development, and attracting foreign investments. Panama, with its strategic location and robust financial services sector, serves as a gateway to both North and South America, making it an attractive investment destination.

2) Booming tourism industry

Tourism in Latin America is on the rise, with an increasing number of international travelers exploring the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. Boutique hotels, offering personalized and unique experiences, are particularly appealing to modern travelers seeking authenticity and luxury. This trend underscores the potential profitability of investments in high-end hospitality ventures.

Hotel Amarla panama casco viejo paseo

Amarla Hospitality Group: a pioneer in Boutique Luxury

Amarla Hospitality Group, under the leadership of Montague and Faulkner, has developed a distinctive brand that blends local culture, exquisite design, and unparalleled service. The group’s properties, including Amarla Casco Viejo and Kaandela restaurant in Panama, Amarla Boutique in Cartagena, Colombia exemplify this vision.

Amarla Casco Viejo: a gem in Panama

Amarla Hotel Panama Room stairs

Located in the historic district of Casco Viejo, Amarla Casco Viejo is a testament to the group’s commitment to excellence. This boutique hotel combines local craftsmanship with luxurious amenities, offering guests a serene oasis amidst the vibrant cityscape. The hotel’s design, influenced by local artisans and infused with elements from Robin’s travels, creates a unique and intimate atmosphere.

Amarla Colombia: a heritage experience in Cartagena

hotel amarla cartagena piscina

In the heart of Cartagena’s walled city, the Amarla Boutique Hotel offers a historical and cultural retreat. This UNESCO World Heritage site features meticulously restored colonial architecture, luxurious accommodations, and personalized services that transport guests back in time while providing modern comforts.

Expanding horizons: restaurant Kaandela

Amarla’s portfolio also includes Kaandela, a culinary masterpiece in Panama. This restaurant merges local flavors with sophisticated design, offering an authentic dining experience that celebrates Panama’s rich culinary heritage. Set in a beautiful courtyard, Kaandela encapsulates the essence of community and tradition, making it a standout attraction for both locals and tourists.

Kaandela restaurant amarla panama 2

Investment opportunities with Amarla Hospitality Group

Amarla Hospitality Group is poised for growth, with plans to expand its portfolio across other historic neighborhoods in Latin America. This strategic expansion aims to replicate the success of their existing properties, tapping into new markets and attracting a global clientele. Potential investors can benefit from the group’s innovative approach and established reputation.

Your gateway to investing in Latin America

Investing in Latin America, particularly in the hospitality sector, offers immense potential for growth and profitability. Amarla Hospitality Group, with its unique blend of luxury, culture, and innovation, stands out as a premier investment opportunity. By joining hands with Amarla, you can be part of a transformative journey that not only promises financial returns but also contributes to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of Latin America

To learn more about how you can invest with Amarla Hospitality Group and explore the myriad of opportunities they offer, we invite you to contact us. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, shaping the future of boutique luxury in Latin America.

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