The Concept


What defines Amarla Casco?

  • Our hotel is a flirtation with the numerous iterations of this eclectic building’s past.
  • We are inspired by nature and the history of our building.
  • We hold a creative space for design, art, photography, culinary arts and music.
  • We are quirky in places.
  • Our modern building maintains its heritage with a nod to the past.
  • Our rooms surround a patio with luscious tropical gardens.
  • Our restaurant and bar are nestled in a tropical patio.
  • Our hotel is an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the old town.
  • Our hotel is constructed from natural wood, handmade ceramics, metals, fabrics and stone.
  • We recognise local artists with our collection of artisan crafts, photography, plants, books, sculptures and other curiosities.
  • Amarla is an affair of the heart. We were involved in the overseeing of almost every piece of furniture. in Amarla, which has been built mostly from local wood and finished with the expert skill of a true artisan. Most our furniture was crafted by local artisans, with a few exceptions that were made by friends in Santa Marta, Colombia.
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Amarla Panama Concept

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