We all need a break from life, a place to unwind and indulge. Amarla Casco Viejo is the perfect place to do so. We invite you to spend at least 24 hours with us in one of the best boutique hotels in Panama City. Gay couples in Panama can use a staycation in a private local that caters to adults only. Visiting gay couples also like to visit the old quarter of Panama City because of its charm.

Our clients ask us if Panama is gay friendly? In general, it is a pretty traditional and conservative country, but this has been changing within the last 20 years. The colonial quarter of Panama City has always been very international, filled with tourists from all over the world and a local expat community. Therefore, it is the most open-minded area of Panama City making it the ideal destination for a gay vacation in Panama.

Casco Viejo is also the home of Panama City’s gay pride. Many buildings put the LGBTQ+ flags on their balconies and there are a series of events done in the neighborhood which include diverse art and film festivals, drag shows, reproductive right forums, gala, pool party and more. There is also a parade


Our hotel in Casco Viejo is a creative space which integrates art, photography, gastronomy, music, and crafts. Everything has been carefully designed along with the best artisans of Latin America. The internal courtyard is the heart of the property with rooms and the Kaandela restaurant and bar generating life around it. As soon as you check in you will be transported to a calm and elegant oasis in the city.

Upon arrival you and your partner will receive welcome drinks called Amarla Queen that are served in coconuts painted by Jorge Saval, a painter from the Bocas del Toro province of Panama. The receptionist will also give you wet towels infused with jasmine essences to cool you down from the tropical heat. Head into one of one of our eight beautifully decorated rooms.

Clients receive a pre-arrival email after making their reservation which provides valuable information to help coordinate your Panama gay vacation. This email includes a 15% discount for our Kaandela Restaurant. Only 30 people can be seated in this restaurant, so it is important to make prior reservations. It is the perfect place for a romantic dinner that mixes local and global flavors. Kaandela is a play on “candela” which means fire in Spanish. It is also possible to order room service. Breakfast is included for all guests.

Kaandela bar has a drinks menu created by an expert mixologist and sommelier. Try some drinks during or after your meal in this restaurant in Casco Viejo. Or have some drinks on our rooftop which has a jacuzzi for you to relax. The views from the rooftop are stunning, especially during sunset.

Amarla Boutique Hotel offers in room massage options which are available for couples. Those who are looking to take this romantic experience to the next level can have sparkling wine, cocktails or fresh strawberries covered with chocolate. Our wellness instructor is also available to guide you on a breathwork program which will connect your energy to the soul of Panama. Another activity to do in the hotel is yoga on the rooftop area.


Our experience ambassador manages the concierge service of Amarla Boutique Hotel. Some gay couples enjoy the hotel so much that they can spend all the time there. But others want to experience what Casco Viejo and Panama City have to offer. Our historical journey will take you walking or cycling through the neighborhood. A guide can accompany you on the route to explain the history and architecture. Another option is to wander on a tour of Santa Ana or El Chorrillo to see a different side of the area.

There are plenty of things to do as a gay couple in Casco Viejo. Go on a search to find the most instagrammable spots in the neighborhood. May we recommend Las Bovedas which was part of the original defense system of the city. It has a walkway with a trellis of colorful bougainvillea flowers. See the impressive Panama City skyline in the background. We also like the plazas; each one has its own unique charm and some like Cathedral and Santa Ana have gazebos. As you walk you will find many buildings and murals which are worthy of the best photos for social media.

Casco Viejo has several museums worth visiting. Explore the history of the country in the Panama Canal Museum. This building used to be the Grand Hotel until it was purchased by the Universal Company of the French Interoceanic Canal. Inside you will learn through testimonies and original exhibitions about the idea, construction, and current status of the Panama Canal. Another interesting museum to visit is the Mola Museum which showcases over 200 molas which are sewn by local indigenous Guna women.

Casco Viejo is known to be the best place to go out in Panama City. There are many bars and nightclubs that can be visited. One of Panama’s gay bars is located within the neighborhood. Ask our experience ambassador for recommendations. People start going out just before sunset which can be seen in our rooftop or one of the different rooftop bars throughout the old quarter. Then they eat dinner and continue the night in another rooftop bar or nightclub.

We look forward to hosting you and your partner in our boutique hotel in Casco Viejo. Please feel free to reach out calling us at +507 202 2999 or by email: info @amarla.pa